What Makes Our Office Special

The profession of orthodontics within Ward Orthodontics prides itself in specialized treatment. We at Ward Orthodontics believe that each of our patients is unique and each patient that enters our office presents with a unique case for treatment. When one sees someone in braces, one might think “Braces are braces are braces”! This is NOT true. Each treatment provided by Dr. Ward is completely individualized for each of our patients. Just like no two people on this planet are alike, no two treatment plans are alike. This is how Dr. Ward’s practice differs from most orthodontists. Each procedure that this office performs is unique to you, from the initial diagnosis, to the final result; no treatment is ever “pre-manufactured.” Developing the correct treatment plan, based on an individual’s needs is Dr. Ward’s benchmark.

Each step of the treatment process is hand crafted by him and designed to fit only you-the patient. A diagnosis is performed and this is done to study the patient’s particular facial, skeletal and dental characteristics. The diagnosis is a critical step in the process as a smile is meant to last a lifetime. This is what we at Ward Orthodontics believe and this is how we treat our patients.

We appreciate your confidence in our office and we promise to provide the very best treatment. This treatment will be unique to you, our patient.